Software Won't Open

Why computer .rar Software can't open

RAR is a compressed file, which proves to be flexible for transmission and efficient storage. to make this compressed file, the WinRAR tool is been highly preferred by the users. In some cases, after downloading any RAR file from the web or receiving it from a shared network, you'd find that WinRAR file not opening. The Software won't open and instead pop-up some error messages like damaged or invalid archive, unknown format, no files to extract, invalid RAR file error, and so on. Clear, this error indicates the corruption of the WinRAR archive. Upon experiencing troubles in accessing RAR files, you will not be ready to access the precious files from the compressed RAR.
There are three possible reasons:
1 - The RAR file you save is corrupt or invalid
2 - your computer doesn’t have any software that can open RAR files
3 - your computer has software that can open some RAR files, but the file in question uses features of the format which your software does not support. Since RAR is a proprietary format (and a poorly documented one, as I understand it) this last option is quite possible.